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We at DHANAK not only aims to make the future of kids brighter by providing them education but also by making earth, a better place to live for them.We don’t realize the fact that earth is also our home and we have to keep it clean just like it.

So, we took the initiative to celebrate the International Environment Day this year by planting around 80 trees across Vasundhara area of Ghaziabad. Everyone from elderly to younglings came forward and helped us in our initiative. When planting trees we saw the how poorly government bodies have maintained the parks around our area, we found tons of plastic buried under the soil which we had to clean to plant the trees.

After getting this overwhelming response from people we realized that not all but many people care about protecting the earth and planting trees one day won’t help us to achieve our goal, so DHANAK team took a PLEDGE to plant 5-10 trees every day in our area.

DHANAK team members have been waking up every day 4:30 a.m. in the morning and planting at least 5 trees in our nearby area and also maintaining them by watering them everyday. We have honored are pledge with full sincerity and discipline until now and will continue to do so.

Here are some pictures we took of this initiative.


You can also become a soldier in our mission by making your contribution. Here are few options by which you can help us in our pledge:

  1. Plant trees in your area then send us the pictures and  we will post them on our social media accounts.
  2. If you are living in nearby vasundhara (Ghaziabad) area, you can donate some plants to us and we will plant them for you.
  3. You can also contribute by donating Rs. 10 for each plant to DHANAK for buying on your behalf and planting them.

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