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We are running a school-like teaching program called “Dhanak Paathshala – A free school for slum kids” for primary classes in Vasundhara for underprivileged children where we are making sure that no child in the area is illiterate. We have hired teachers and work with volunteers to survey, admit and teach children in the region. Classes are from 9 AM to 1 PM with subjects ranging from Mathematics, Hindi, English, EVS, Crafts, Games, Music and Dance.
Currently, the school has 150+ students studying in grades KG to 5th.

PRAYAS – Second Home for Underprivileged Kids

An after-school program to shift their regular environment where they waste their majority of time to a learning environment by providing academic support, mentoring, recreational activities and opportunity to explore their talent in various fields. The program will be run from 1:30 PM to 7:00 PM under the guidance of a full-time supervisor and multiple volunteers who will conduct various activities focused on the overall development of the child. The program will be monitored regularly to keep track of child development.

Prayas Kids


This question is natural to come into the mind of anyone that what’s the need for this program. Prayas aims to reduce the exposure of the negative environment in which they are living right now. Now the question arises that why we call it a “Negative Environment” when we conducted surveys for admissions, counselling, etc., we saw the elders of the children playing a game which are totally meaningless in terms of learning point of view, they are playing a game involving money, and were using abusive language in front of kids and were involved in multiple negative activities, secondly, there is no one to tell kids what to do and what not to do, what is bad and what is good. The main reason behind it is, their parents are not present in the homes as both father and mother are working to earn the livelihood. Both the father and the mother are not present in the house to take care of their kids. No one can doubt the importance of parents in the overall development of the child. At Prayas we are not substituting the role of parents, but a positive environment which is favorable for the overall development of the children and enabling their parents to take good care of their children.


Along with teaching the students basic subjects, we indulge them in various extracurricular activities for there overall development. We organize art competitions and celebrate festivals like Diwali, Christmas, Bhai Dooj and Rakhsha Bandhan also teaching them about these festivals along with it. We also show them inspirational movies like “I AM KALAM”, “Nil Battey Sannata” to motivate them to believe in themselves. We organize special events on various international days like Environment day and Yoga day to spread awareness among them.
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Under this project, we are giving free coaching to underprivileged kids studying in the class of 5th


We teach students about the importance of growing trees and keeping their locality clean and healthy. This International Environment day we planted around 80 trees in our nearby areas with the help of these children and our Dhanak team members. We have also taken a pledge to plant trees every day in our area and we have planted around more than a hundred trees until now and hope to continue this in the future. 

Trees Planted: 250+

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