• Our Mission

    Our Mission

    Dhanak The Rainbow enables the power of community, to provide quality education and the resources needed for EVERY child to excel inside and outside of the classroom through extraordinary learning experiences.

  • Dhanak Paathshala - Assembly Time

    Dhanak Paathshala - Assembly Time

    Prayers have a power of creating a pious atmosphere that helps instill certain values such as humility and discipline in the students. This helps the school children realize the essence of the ethical values.

  • Donate Now

    Donate Now

    Giving is not just about make Donation, it's about "Making a Difference"

  • Education is the best weapon for development of any country"

    Education is the best weapon for development of any country"

    With this motive we are helping children of our country who due to various circumstances could not afford the Right to Education by working on four projects - 1. Dhanak Paathshala - A free School for slum kids 2. Project Buniyaad - Residential Programme 3. Prayas ( Day Care) - Second home for slum kids 4. Mission Navodaya - Free coaching for slum kids.

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Diwali Sale

Dhanak with the help of students of Dhanak Pathshala and some volunteers is organising a unique Diwali decoration and celebration items sale of items like Diya, Toran, Flower pots, Hanging lamps, etc. These items are designed/decorated by our students...

Pledge to SAVE the EARTH.

We at DHANAK not only aims to make the future of kids brighter by providing them education but also by making earth, a better place to live for them.We don’t realize the fact that earth is also our home and we have to keep it clean just like it.

So, we took the initiative to celebrate the International Environment Day this year by planting around 80 trees across Vasundhara area of Ghaziabad. Everyone from elderly to younglings came forward and helped us in our initiative. When planting trees we saw the how poorly government bodies have maintained the parks around our area, we found tons of plastic buried under the soil which we had to clean to plant the trees. Continue reading Pledge to SAVE the EARTH.