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Why you should be volunteering for a social cause right now.

“You make a living by what you get. You make a life by what you give.” -Winston Churchill

Volunteering helps you contribute and give back to the society. Volunteers get a chance to support the cause of providing education to every kid in India and become a catalyst in changing the society. Volunteering is not just about doing a good deed but also gaining from it personally and professionally.

Some of the benefits of volunteering are:

Connect with people
With the onset of technology and social media and in race of making virtual connections we have forgotten about the real connections that matter, that is the connection we make by meeting people in person where people can communicate through emotions and body language more effectively than any other medium. Volunteering gives you this opportunity, through volunteering you can make new friends, improve your social skills and even expand your network which could help you in getting references for your future jobs. Continue reading Why you should be volunteering for a social cause right now.

Looking for Volunteers

About the Program Dhanak is looking for interested volunteers who want to teach kids and become part of a greater deed.  Selected volunteer’s day-to-day responsibilities include:  1. Teaching the underprivileged and disadvantaged children from in and around the slums...