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Few days back I got an opportunity to interact with the children. For the interaction I prepared games for them. According to me games are the best way to create positive environment in class. Moreover playing games require students to pay great attention. Last but not the least playing games is always a great fun.

My 1st game was about Memorise the given objects. I chose this game because this will sharpen their memory and another game I took was spot the differences this will helping in building their observation skills.

All the children were very excited for the game and they responded as quickly as they could. They were energetic throughout the class. At the end they demanded for more classes like this in future which was not less than a reward for me.
The kind of feedback I got from the children motivated me to prepare more for their extra curricular activities.

Looking forward to interact more with them.

Kriti Bansal
(Intern at Dhanak)

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